DJQUICK-E-MUSIC RADIO Terms of Agreement
Last updated on: January 03 2017 18:32:27

As a member of djquick-e-music, you will conduct yourself in a nice way. Treat others as you would want yourself treated. Please do not use any bad language. No links of x rated stuff on djquick-e-music site As the owner of djquick-e-music-(this site-forum) I can not watch for or control what is done legally or illegally here, I am trusting that any material that you post or put up on my site is your material or you have the right to give it out or display it. Note*** Please NO SPAMMING, if you would like to add a link go to the Navigation area and click on add link, then I will look over it then add it--Do NOT put into the shoutbox area-this may result in you being banned/deleted from the site. Thanks djquick-e(scotty)Have blessed day