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06-12-2017 16:11
prayers going out to Southern California .

18-08-2017 10:38
prayers going out to Spain Frown

15-06-2017 14:01
prayers going out to shooting of at baseball field

15-06-2017 13:59
prayers going to to the London,

03-01-2017 18:08
Happy New Year, revamped the website, cleaned it up thanks for the continued support

Shoutbox Archive

CONTRAINDICATIONS Do not take MDMA if you are currently taking prescriptions MAOLS. MAIOS are most commonly found in the prescription anti-depressants nardil (PHENELZINE). Parnate (TRANYLCYPROMINE), Marplan(ISOCABOXAXID), Eldepryl(I-DEPRENYL), and Auronx/Manerix(MOCLOBEMIDE). Ayahuascas also contains MAO'S(HARMINE AND HARMALINE). MDMA and MAO'S are a potentially dangerous combination. Avoid taking MDMA if you are currently using protease inhibitor Ritonavir. This may be a life-threatening combination. Individuals with a history of heart ailments, high blood pressure, aneurism or stroke, glaucoma, hepatic(liver) or renal (kidney) disorders, or hypoglycemia may be at higher risk. Special consideration should be when combining MDMA & VIAGRA. Avoid other strong stimulants in combination with MDMA. MDMA use can exacerbate depression in some users and cause depressions with heavy or frequent use. MDMA can cause severe crashes and hangovers in some users. Avoid high doses and frequent use. Over the last 15 years, many studies have shown that the higher the dose and more frequent the use, the worse the long term after-effects maybe. A small percentage of users seem to react with extreme sensitivty to MDMA and experience overly strong effects at normal doses. Although it was previously speculated that senitivity was related to the liver enzyme CYP-2D6, there is mounting evidence that CYP-2D6 does not play a roll in sensitivity or adverse reactions. Overheating--MDMA use can lead to hyperthermia(overheating) especially in those who are exerting themselves for long periods of time.

It is important for users to pay attention to their bodies and make sure they aren't overheating. Take breaks from dancing. Step outside for a moment if the temperature in the room is to high. Make sure to drink enough,but not too much, water.
One of the primary problems with MDMA is the low quality of the material sold on the street to recreational users.Tablets of street "ecstasy" freqently contain an assortment of psychoactive substances,either mixed with MDMA, or in place of it, or may contain no active ingredients at all.
Other substances found in street ecstasy include MDA, MDE, PMA, caffeine, ephedine, amphetamines, DXM, and occasssionally DOB.
Caffeine, ephedrine, and amphetamines will produce less empathic effects than MDMA with more stimulation and feelings of restlessness. MDA and MDE are both simular in effects to MDMA and may be difficult for even experienced users to distinguish between them. MDE is slightly shorter in duration than MDMA and generally have a lower peak and less euphoria than MDMA, MDA lasts longer and generally produce more visuals and psychedelic effects than MDMA. The effects of DXM, which has become more common in street ecstacy, can be extremely unpleasant if you're not expecting them, strong disorienation, dizzness, nausea,groggines or strong sedation, and a high doses, dissociaton from the body.